Port of Hanstholm

The port of Hanstholm is Denmark's leading port for edible fish and houses Denmark's largest fish auction and is home to a wide range of companies.

The port therefore has many different career opportunities and has a local employment effect in Thisted municipality of approximately 2,300 jobs.

The many jobs emerge either directly or indirectly as a result of the high level of activity related to fishing and the surrounding industry on and around the port of Hanstholm.

The many jobs represent a wide range of business areas, and the port is now heading towards the future with a large port expansion, which is expected to create an additional 450 jobs in the years after 2020.

The Port of Hanstholm is therefore on an exciting journey and offers many opportunities for you who want to make a career or work with projects related to a forwardlooking port, which in addition is one of Denmark's youngest ports.

The top three business sectors are the fishing processing industry, wholesaling and fishing. In addition, a large number of other professions, in which the service area represents a wide range of companies, with everything from blacksmith and electronics to shipping, logistics, oil supply, ice and cooling services, diving tasks etc. etc.

Please contact us to hear more about jobs and/or project opportunities at the port of Hanstholm.

Kontakt info

Hanstholm Havn
Auktionsgade 39
7730 Hanstholm

+45 96 55 07 10





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